WOODBURY, NY – In an apparent violation of the state’s campaign coordination laws, the Committee to Reform the State Constitution, which poses as a “good government group” and registered Independent Expenditure Committee, recently was caught funneling private Basile campaign information directly to James Skoufis.

On August 10th, Evan Davis from the Committee to Reform the State Constitution emailed a copy of Tom Basile’s completed candidate questionnaire directly to his opponent James Skoufis along with a promise to forward additional information. Since that time, Mr. Davis has, according to his own draft press release, received Mr. Skoufis’ questionnaire response but has made no attempt to disclose its contents with the Basile campaign.

“This organization claims to be interested in ethics reform but is breaking the law to help a candidate favored by its backers. Mr. Davis’ email is clear evidence of an intent to coordinate with the Skoufis campaign. It also suggests additional correspondence between the campaign and the committee. It’s disgraceful,” said Basile campaign spokesperson Bob Driscoll. 

“The Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE) and the state Board of Elections should move immediately to investigate the depth of the coordination between the IE and the Skoufis campaign and other campaigns, as well as any potential coordination with the IE and the State Senate Democratic Campaign Committee. If there is a violation, appropriate action needs to be taken against what appears to be little more than a front for Democratic candidates.”

Bob Driscoll