MONTGOMERY, NY– Stating that Tom Basile is someone who will work with them as a partner for the region, Town of Montgomery Supervisor Rod Winchell, Town of Crawford Supervisor Charles Carnes, Village of Montgomery Mayor and Orange County Legislature Chairman Steve Brescia, and Village of Walden Mayor Susan Rumbold announced their endorsements of Tom Basile to succeed retiring Senator Bill Larkin in the 39th District.

The officials made their announcement at a press conference in Montgomery today. Basile also used the occasion to discuss his property tax plan.

Supervisor Winchell said, “Tom is not a career politician. He’s real and his life experience will make him the best possible representative for all of us in Albany.”

Supervisor Carnes said, “Tom Basile will be the champion we need to ensure we can afford to stay and build a future in our community. Like Sen. Bill Larkin, he'll stand up for us and against the NYC-first agenda. I'm proud to support Tom Basile to be our Senator. Tom has reached out to me to see how he may help the Town of Crawford residents if he is elected and that was very much appreciated by the residents and officials of the Town.”

Mayor Brescia said, “Tom will be a true partner for our local officials and business community. He’s honest, driven and well prepared to fight for us in Albany. I offer my full support for him to succeed our great Senator Bill Larkin.”

Mayor Rumbold said, “Tom Basile knows the issues we face here in the Village of Walden and he is serious about partnering with us to help address them. I have personally met with him, as have many other Village officials and residents. Tom has spent countless hours touring the Village and learning about our needs. He doesn't just talk a good game he backs it up. That's why he has the endorsement of Senator Larkin and that's why we must support him to become our next New York State Senator. Tom Basile has my complete support and I hope that all members of the greater Walden community consider supporting him as well.”

Basile, who brings to the race both private sector and government experience, expressed his appreciation to the elected leaders for the strong support.

“All these local leaders know how Albany cripples the local decision-making process. We need to get state government out of the way of our local officials, so they can make decisions that are in the best interest of the communities they serve, not Albany’s obsessive need for more of our hard-earned money. As Senator I’ll be working with our local officials like Chairman Brescia, Supervisors Carnes and Winchell, and Mayor Rumbold to ensure our area is a place where people can earn a good living, raise a family, and retire surrounded by their friends and loved ones,” said Basile, who is running on the Republican, Independence and Conservative lines in November.

During the press conference, Basile highlighted his recently unveiled property tax reform plan, which would ease the tax burden from people across all income and age levels.

Basile’s multi-pronged approach would address the local, county and school tax burden by:

  • Eliminating school taxes for seniors gradually after 70;

  • Making the property tax cap permanent;

  • Returning the local share of Medicaid to the State with a dollar-for-dollar property tax reduction; and

  • Requiring State government to fully fund any mandates on local government.

“Property taxes are the single biggest issue I hear about from residents as I go door-to-door across our area. With the reduction in the SALT deduction, now is the time to get serious about property tax reform. That starts with making the property tax cap permanent, requiring the state to full fund any mandates on local governments and school districts, and getting Medicaid off the backs of county property taxpayers. Albany shouldn’t be able to just kick the can down the road. For six years, James Skoufis and the NYC-leadership of the Assembly have failed the property taxpayers of our area. They’ve driven up costs for taxpayers and repeatedly voted for more taxes and more spending. We simply can’t afford anymore,” said Basile.

In addition to Senator Larkin, Basile has previously announced the support of County Executives Neuhaus and Day; Sheriff Carl DuBois; Legislators Vero of Chester, Stegenga of Blooming Grove, Litt of Plattekill, Gerentine of Marlborough, and Tuohy of Monroe; Supervisors Piaquadio of Newburgh, Jeroloman of Blooming Grove, Cardone of Monroe, Monaghan of Stony Point, Croce of Plattekill; and Mayors LoFranco of South Blooming Grove, Dwyer of Monroe, and Queenan of Woodbury, as well as numerous other local officials and organizations.