MONROE, NY – Led by Orange County Sheriff Carl DuBois, representatives from the PBA of the City of New York, the New York State Association of PBAs, the Orange County Shields, the Orange County Sheriff Deputies PBA, the Rockland County PBA, the NYPD Detectives Endowment Association, the NYPD Lieutenants Benevolent Association, the NYPD Captains Endowment Association, and the PBA of New York State joined forces to endorse Tom Basile, candidate for State Senate in the 39th District, to succeed Senator Bill Larkin as the area’s voice for law enforcement in Albany. The groups represent thousands of police officers and their families in Orange, Rockland and Ulster Counties.

The area’s largest law enforcement unions and support organizations have overwhelmingly backed Basile, citing his lifetime of advocacy at the local, state and national level, on behalf of our cops. They also expressed the importance of the New York State Senate remaining a pro-law enforcement check-and-balance in Albany against New York City special interests.
Orange County Sheriff Carl DuBois said, “As the longest serving Sheriff in Orange County history, I've seen elected officials that serve the people, and those that serve their party. Tom Basile has the guts and fortitude to serve the people, and to make the hard decisions. The people in the 39th Senate District need someone to make those decisions. That person is Tom Basile.”

NYC PBA President Patrick J. Lynch said: “Public safety for all New Yorkers is a shared responsibility. New York City police officers work hard every day to protect our city and our state, but we can’t do it alone. We need the help of elected officials who understand the challenges we face. Tom Basile has pledged his support on many of the issues that are important to our union and its members, and he is committed to working with us towards our shared goal of a stronger, safer New York. We are proud to endorse him today.”

PBAs of NYS President and University Police Officers Director Peter Barr said, “After careful consideration, the union representing nearly 1,200 state agency police officers proudly endorses Tom Basile in the election for the 39th Senate District. Our officers face unique challenges on the job, and we need individuals like Tom Basile in the State Senate to help our officers better serve the people who live, work and visit New York State. Tom has demonstrated a commitment to the law enforcement community and that is why we are endorsing his candidacy.”

Orange County Shields President Michael Flower stated, “Throughout Mr. Basile’s life and career he has repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to stand up for our law enforcement community and their families. We are confident we can trust Tom Basile to be there for us during these challenging times. Our executive board and membership offer our enthusiastic endorsement of him to represent us in the State Senate. Senator Bill Larkin has been a strong voice for us for many years and we trust Tom Basile will offer that same steadfast support of our law enforcement community.”

Orange County Sheriff Deputies PBA Vice President Jeremy Yela said, “It is with great pleasure that the Orange County Deputy Sheriffs Police Benevolent Association offers its enthusiastic endorsement of Tom Basile to be our next State Senator for the 39th Senate District. Mr. Basile has shown that he is a person of honesty, integrity and of sound judgement who will be a tireless advocate for law enforcement. We know that with his experience, knowledge and record of public service he is the right candidate for this important position. Tom Basile is a dedicated civic leader in our community and we know that he will move the 39th District forward in the hopes of getting New York State back on track.”

Rockland County PBA President Larry Ayers stated, “Public safety in Rockland County is achieved by the men and women on patrol each and every day. Keeping the community safe is the paramount mission of our officers and their success depends on the tools, guidance, and most of all, support of our local leaders. Tom Basile understands the challenges that our officers face and what we need to do our job, in keeping the community safe. It is with great pleasure that we endorse Tom for the 39th Senate District seat.”

Basile expressed his gratitude to the law enforcement groups for their support, pledging to be a tireless advocate on their behalf, to work tirelessly against those policies and politicians who too often seem eager to treat cops worse than criminals.

“These organizations represent tens-of-thousands of law enforcement officers and their families. They are heroes who walk the beat each day and take risks on our behalf, because they know everyone deserves to live and work on a safe street. I am honored and humbled to have earned their trust and confidence,” said Basile, who is running on the Republican, Conservative and Independence Party lines on November 6.

“This has been a challenging time for our law enforcement community and New York City Democrats, and who now want total control of state government, have only fanned the flames. Members of the law enforcement community deserve our deepest respect for the job they do and yet we have far too many politicians who would rather protest and grab headlines than stand with our cops. Still others are silent when law enforcement is attacked or promote policies that put criminals back on the streets. I will always be a proud advocate for our police officers. As Senator, these brave men and women will always know I have their backs,” Basile said.

During the press conference, Basile blasted the Governor’s pardoning of thousands of felons, including cop killers, and then granting them the right to vote. He also offered his strong support for the Community Hero Protection Act, (S.1114) that passed the Senate but was blocked by Democrat Assembly leaders. The bill would protect police officers by increasing penalties for criminals who specifically target against members of law enforcement. Basile also endorsed the Senate’s Retired Police Officer Protection Act (S.1747) that creates a new crime for the assault of a retired police officer who previously arrested the assailant.

Basile also reiterated his support for efforts to improve communication between law enforcement agencies as a means to help deter gun crime, providing sufficient state funding for part-time police officers in schools in our area that want them, and ensuring law enforcement officers at all levels are treated equally and with parity to their colleagues on the beat.

During the recent Legislative Session, Basile’s opponent, James Skoufis, voted for a radical proposal that would establish the Private Right of Action Against Police Act, allowing individuals to ability to sue police officers in a private right of action and collect damages, even when a person has been found guilty of the crime for which they were charged. He also voted with his NYC-Democrat leadership to make New York a Sanctuary State, thus prohibiting law enforcement in New York State from cooperating with federal authorities in matters concerning the enforcement of federal immigration laws.

“Mr. Skoufis has repeatedly shown his true colors – voting against the interests of our men and women in blue and our communities. Empowering the radical Senate Democrats would be a disaster for our brave men and women in blue, and the rule of law in New York,” said Basile.