NEW WINDSOR, NY– With a nod to Senator Bill Larkin’s decades of leadership for the people of New York, State Independence Party Chairman Frank MacKay today announced his full-throated endorsement of Tom Basile to run on the Independence Party line to succeed the long-standing Senator in the 39th Senate District.

Basile has now earned the nomination of the Republican, Conservative and Independence Parties for the November election. He also has the strong backing of Larkin, who announced his retirement in May after serving in the Senate for nearly three decades.

“Our state faces challenges that don’t discriminate by political party. That’s why it’s important that we have Senators willing to put people and common sense first and focus on the issues that matter to our families and economy. For decades Senator Larkin served the people of this district in a way that was fair and independent. He worked across the aisle to do the right thing. Tom Basile will represent this district the same way,” said New York State Independence Party Chairman Frank MacKay.

“Tom will also help ensure the kind the balance in Albany that is necessary to protect taxpayers from the impact of one-party rule. I’m proud to support his candidacy for the State Senate to represent the people of Orange, Rockland, and Ulster Counties,” MacKay continued. The last time New York City-based Democrats took control of the State Senate they raised taxes $14 billion.

“More people view themselves as politically independent today because they lack confidence in the two-party system. It is an honor to have endorsement of Chairman MacKay and the Independence Party. As Senator, I will be a voice in government for people who want greater independence from a corrupt state government that taxes and spends far too much for people to afford to live here. We’re all in this together. It doesn’t matter what your political affiliation or where you come from, you deserve to have the opportunity to make it in our area,” said Councilman Basile.

Last week, Basile filed over 600 signatures to run on the Independence Party line in November.

A husband and father of three, businessowner and two-term elected official, Basile launched his campaign for the Senate in May promising to be a strong voice for pro-economic growth, pro-taxpayer policies in the State Senate to help make our communities more affordable.

Basile would bring a depth of public and private sector experience to his representation of our area. Beyond his public service at the state and local level, Basile was as an Advisor to the Coalition Government in Iraq, earning the Joint Civilian Service Commendation award. Over the past thirteen years he has operated his own business, published a best-selling book, and launched a national radio program. He has also served on the faculty at Fordham University and previously worked as managing director of a New York City-based public relations firm.

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Bob Driscoll