NEW WINDSOR, NY– Calling him someone that will be a true partner for the region and put people above party politics to address the challenges we face, three currents and former elected Democrat officials have announced their endorsement of Tom Basile to succeed retiring Senator Bill Larkin in the 39th District.

Democrat Monroe Town Councilman Rick Colon said, “Tom Basile cares about our community. He’ll work to ensure the town has the resources it needs to provide residents with quality services at an affordable cost. Tom Basile will be a true partner for us in the State Senate and stand up to out-of-touch New York City politicians.”

Former Democrat Monroe Mayor Jim Purcell said, “It's time we put all politics aside and think about what is best for our communities - growing the economy, property tax reform, and sustainable development. Tom Basile is an honest, smart, experienced, family man and leader we can be proud of. He puts people over politics and believes in service above self. I'm proud to call him a friend and trust that we can count on him to fight against the radical politics of NYC-backed politicians. Tom Basile will be a Senator for all of us.” Basile has also been endorsed by current Monroe Mayor Neil Dwyer, a Republican.

Former Democrat Stony Point Town Supervisor Geoff Finn said, “I've come to know Tom Basile as someone who puts common sense and getting the job done for our families and businesses over party politics. We can trust Tom to be a staunch advocate for our area in the Senate and help make our communities more affordable. I'm proud to support him to be our next State Senator.”

Basile, who brings to the race both private sector and government experience, expressed his appreciation to these local leaders for their strong support.

“The issues we face aren’t about Republicans or Democrats. All of us are paying these taxes and struggling to achieve financial stability in the face of more spending driven by NYC political bosses. We can’t afford more government, more so-called “free” programs and politicians like Mr. Skoufis who vote for billions in additional spending and taxes every year. Only by hard-working people coming together can we can ensure our area is a place where we can earn a living wage, raise a family, and retire with confidence,” said Basile, who is running on the Republican, Independence and Conservative lines in November.

In addition to Senator Larkin, Basile has previously announced the support of County Executives Neuhaus and Day; Sheriff Carl DuBois; Legislators Vero of Chester, Stegenga of Blooming Grove, Litt of Plattekill, Gerentine of Marlborough; Supervisors Piaquadio of Newburgh, Jeroloman of Blooming Grove, Cardone of Monroe, Winchell of Montgomery, Monaghan of Stony Point, Croce of Plattekill, Carnes of Crawford; and Mayors LoFranco of South Blooming Grove, Dwyer of Monroe, and Queenan of Woodbury, as well as numerous other local officials and organizations.