NEW WINDSOR, NY – Candidate for State Senate Tom Basile (R,C,I) released his second TV ad this week highlighting how he will clean up Albany and fix the broken policies that make it harder for people to work, raise a family and retire in New York. The ad, titled "Clean Up," began airing this week in the 39th Senate district. The ad follows the airing of the campaign’s first television commercial last week entitled “What It Takes.”

"As a father of three I'm used to dealing with people acting like children and cleaning up messes," said Basile. "State government is a mess and failing us on nearly every level. People are being taxed out of their homes and they’ve had enough of Albany’s games. By working together we can change the direction of our state and finally get the government we deserve."

Basile, who is endorsed by retiring Senator Bill Larkin, is running for State Senate in the 39th Senate District on the Republican, Conservative, and Independence party lines in November.

Clean Up

Tom Basile: You done with that?

Carrie Basile: Tom can be a little bit of a neat freak. He’s always cleaning up. Being a father of three kids, certainly has it’s challenges. But it’s prepared Tom to tackle the mess in Albany.

Carrie Basile: And just like sometimes things can get… unruly. Tom’s not going to put up with that nonsense in Albany.

Tom Basile: Buddy you have to wear pants.

Son: No!

Carrie Basile: Tom’s seen his fair share of messes. So he’s got what it takes to get it done – for all of us.

Tom Basile: I’ll clean that up.


Bob Driscoll