Statement from Tom Basile on the Opening of the New Tappan Zee Bridge

NEW WINDSOR, NY – Candidate for State Senate Tom Basile released the following statement in response to Governor Cuomo’s official dedication of the new “Cuomo Bridge.” Basile notes that his opponent voted to rename the bridge after Mario Cuomo of Queens.


“It’s still Tappan Zee to me. It will always be the Tappan Zee. It’s a part of our history and we will work to restore it. What should be a great day for our area, has unfortunately been marred by a lack of transparency, shadowy deals and abuse of taxpayer resources. The new bridge has become a symbol of how broken our state government really is. In the middle of his reelection campaign, the Governor is dedicating a bridge we don’t know how we’re paying for, that came in over budget, and was named after his father in the dead of night, all while drivers have been intentionally kept in the dark about how much it will cost them in toll increases. It’s schemes like this that drive people from this state or at best leave them with little faith in our state government. Mr. Skoufis should be ashamed for going along with all of this nonsense and failing to stand up to the Governor over this issue. It’s no surprise that Mr. Skoufis voted to name a Hudson Valley bridge after someone from Queens given his reliance on the New York City political machine to finance his campaigns.”

Bob Driscoll