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NEW WINDSOR, NY – State Senate candidate Tom Basile announced today the endorsement of the Orange County Shields in his race to succeed retiring Senator Bill Larkin to represent the 39th District. 

Orange County Shields President Michael Flower stated, “Throughout Mr. Basile’s life and career he has repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to stand up for our law enforcement community and their families. We are confident we can trust Tom Basile to be there for us during these challenging times. Our executive board and membership offer our enthusiastic endorsement of him to represent us in the State Senate. Senator Bill Larkin has been a strong voice for us for many years and we trust Tom Basile will offer that same steadfast support of our law enforcement community.”

Basile is running on the Republican, Independence and Conservative party lines in the November election.  He also has the endorsements of Senator Larkin, long-serving Orange County Sheriff Carl DuBois and a number of other local officials.

“The Orange County Shields represent hundreds of members of our law enforcement community from across the county who protect and serve with great distinction. I am truly humbled to have their trust and support,” said Basile, who was endorsed earlier this week by the Orange County Deputy Sheriffs PBA.  “Our men and women who walk the beat take risks every day because they know everyone deserves to live and work on a safe street. The members of our law enforcement community deserve respect for the job they do, yet people from some corners of our politics would rather grab headlines than stand with our cops. Others are willing to be silent when law enforcement is attacked. I’ve been an advocate for our police officers and as senator I will continue to have their backs.”

jonathan wiener