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$200 Billion program would double income taxes, throw New Yorkers off private insurance, kill jobs

Statement from Councilman Tom Basile, candidate for State Senate in the 39th District on James Skoufis' vote to adopt state-government-run healthcare:

"Well, so much for James Skoufis being a moderate or independent. He just voted again for a proposal straight out of the Bill de Blasio and Bernie Sanders agenda. High quality healthcare shouldn’t be a privilege, but a $200 billion expansion of state government we can’t afford won’t improve services or lower costs. Mr. Skoufis and New York City Democrats’ support for this bill means they support doubling income taxes, doubling the state budget and kicking New Yorkers off of their insurance. Single-payer would decimate the New York economy and countless jobs in favor of the largest expansion of government in history.  

"Healthcare a la DMV is not what New Yorkers want or need. The state government can’t pave roads, run trains or manage its finances, but apparently Mr. Skoufis thinks it should manage your healthcare options.

“New Yorkers deserve access to top-quality medical care. That will come when we foster the growth of healthcare options for people at all income levels including non-profit models like Cornerstone Family Healthcare, integrated medical practices and world class primary care facilities like St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital. Turning it over to Albany is irresponsible, reckless and dangerous."

jonathan wiener