Statement: Basile Calls on Schneiderman to Resign Over Abuse

Statement from NYS Senate Candidate (SD-39) Councilman Tom Basile on allegations of abuse by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman against women:

“New Yorkers lack confidence in state government because corruption, hypocrisy and an arrogance of power permeate at every level. Attorney General Schneiderman, as the state’s top law enforcement official, can no longer credibly execute his duties in the face of what appears to be a pattern of physical and emotional abuse to women. The alleged behavior is horrendous enough on its face, but the fact that Mr. Schneiderman held himself out publicly as a defender of women, makes his private behavior even more sick and disturbing.

“Eric Schneiderman must resign immediately. My heart goes out to these brave women who not only were physically assaulted but allegedly threatened with harm if they exposed this powerful political figure. A thorough investigation must be conducted into the allegations. A new Attorney General must be tasked with restoring confidence in the office and its ability to protect and defend all New Yorkers."

Tom Basile