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Statement from NYS Senate Candidate (SD-39) Tom Basile in response to Assemblyman James Skoufis’ campaign announcement:

“Like so many in our area, I’m raising kids here, running a business and living in the real world. For six years, Mr. Skoufis has cranked out one soundbite after another. While he’s proven capable of getting his name in the paper, he’s repeatedly failed the people in this area who actually pay the bills. Whether it’s his votes for giveaways to Hollywood producers, government-run healthcare that would bankrupt our state, or his own massive so-called ‘free’ college entitlement program, we simply can’t trust Mr. Skoufis to do right by our families and businesses. Those of us out here in the real world know there’s no such thing as ‘free.’ The people of this area know that more government we can’t afford doesn’t make life fairer. It just drives up the cost of living here and drives people out. 

“Someone who has relied on hundreds of thousands of dollars from New York City political bosses like Sheldon Silver can’t be trusted to advocate for policies that will create jobs, keep our kids here and help our local communities thrive. Mr. Skoufis has repeatedly voted to protect the power of the New York City special interests who fund his campaigns, instead of common-sense reforms that would reduce corruption and make our area more affordable.

“No matter who you are or where you come from, you deserve a chance to make it in our area. Mr. Skoufis doesn’t get it.  He’s voted for or proposed more programs, more taxes, and more spending proposals than even Governor Cuomo. That’s not a solution we can afford.

“What’s worse, he tells people he’s fighting for taxpayers while voting for those massive spending and tax increases. Even today, he claimed to be against the very economic development schemes he’s voted to fund with millions of taxpayer dollars.

“When I announced for Senate, I was honored to have Senator Bill Larkin and more than 200 local elected officials and supporters by my side. It speaks volumes about Mr. Skoufis that he was introduced by officials who don’t live in this district. I’m not interested in making headlines. Like Bill Larkin, I’m interested in helping people live better lives. That starts with a New York State government we can afford.”

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