Meet Tom Basile

As an elected official, businessman, husband and father of three, Tom Basile understands the challenges that we all face affording to live, work and raise our families in the Hudson Valley. That's why when he says, "We're all in this together," he means it. Our area is naturally beautiful, rich in history and wonderfully diverse. Tom also understands the reality that New York State's government fails to make our area more affordable and increase opportunities for everyone to thrive here. From our young people, to our seniors, to new residents trying to build a life here, we deserve a government that works for us, not against our goals.  With more than two decades of experience in government - at the local, state and federal level - and in the private sector, Tom is prepared to serve the people of our area.  He is building a campaign to represent the people of Orange, Rockland and Ulster Counties in the State Senate. Learn more about him below.



Fighting for Families


Tom Basile learned early on how hard it can be to make ends meet living and working in our area. Paying the mortgage and the property taxes meant a lot of hard work and many sleepless nights for his mother. Today, Tom and his wife are raising their own family here and he is committed to fighting to make our area more affordable so others can do the same. His career in business and government and as a lawyer, author, national commentator, and professor gives him the experience to be a tireless advocate for the people of our area.



A Lifetime of Service


Tom Basile's passion for public service was inspired by his U.S. Marine father.  Tom put himself through law school, while serving in government during the administration of Governor George Pataki. His dedication to service earned him an appointment to the Bush Administration in Washington, at the Environmental Protection Agency. The Bush White House and Defense Department later called upon him to be an advisor to the Coalition government in Baghdad, alongside our brave men and women in uniform. In the private sector, Tom was managing director of a New York City-based public relations firm and later started his own strategic communications company here in the Hudson Valley. In 2013, he brought his wealth of knowledge to local government as Councilman in the Town of Stony Point where his record of results includes lowering tax rates, working to attract historic levels of private investment and bringing back more money from Albany. He was recently overwhelmingly re-elected.



Our Opportunity

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Tom Basile believes strongly that self-interested politicians committed to Albany’s broken policies make it harder for people to stay, work, build a business and raise a family here. He also believes that working together we can change that for all the people in our area. The solution is simple - bring people of all parties, beliefs and backgrounds together to make government work for all of us. Tom knows we can do that by fighting every day to protect taxpayers and for more efficient and effective government. Efficient government doesn't pick your pocket at every opportunity. It doesn't over-regulate businesses. It doesn't intrude on your personal life. It doesn't tax you to feed itself while you struggle to feed your family. Responsible government provides people with the ability to be financially secure and prosper.