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We're All In This Together

A husband and father. An elected official and businessman. Tom Basile understands the challenges that we all face affording to live, work and raise our families in our area. That's why when he says, "We're all in this together," he means it.  

With more than two decades of experience in government - at the local, state and federal level - and in the private sector, Tom is prepared to serve the people of our area.  He's running for State Senate to continue the legacy of Senator Bill Larkin and fight every day for the people who pay the bills.  Learn more about Tom's experience.

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 Tom needs your help to ensure the people of Orange, Rockland and Ulster Counties continue to have a strong, principled voice in Albany.  He'll fight to protect taxpayers and make our area more affordable for everyone. Donate today.

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Learn about the issues

  • Sustainable Growth

  • Creating Local Jobs

  • Cutting Property Taxes

  • More Funds for Local Infrastructure

  • Cutting Wasteful Spending

  • Helping Families Afford Childcare

  • Lowering Energy Costs

  • Fighting Opioid Addiction

  • Protecting Our Environment

  • Fighting Corruption

  • Second Amendment

  • Kiryas Joel

  • Mirant Debt Relief

  • Women's Health

  • Making Healthcare Affordable For Everyone